SÃO MIGUEL ISLAND - Guided tour to Furnas and Nordeste 

FURNAS & NORDESTE Full day • Lunch in option • 8 hrs


 The pick up will be at the Hotel / Residential where you staying, by 09:00 am.

Crossing the Island to the north Coast, the first stop will be at the Tea Factory Porto Formoso or at Gorreana.  A splendid view over the bay, a magnificent garden and a smiling host for a tea tasting.

Back to the road, stopping at the Pico do Ferro Lookout on top of the Furnas Volcano crater, we admire the whole interior of the volcano, the village and the Furnas Lake.

We begin our journey into the crater, where optionally, we stop for a hike or a bath in the botanical garden and  Thermal pool Terra Nostra or Poça Dona Beija. 

A stop to admire Furnas Lake where we made the famous "Cozido/ Stew das Furnas" using the heat of the volcanic soil during 6 hour for cooking.

Optional lunch available.

After a pause, we will have a hike in the area of ​​the boilers, fumaroles and hot springs, visiting the many  volcanologicals manifestations  and where you will have the chance of tasting some natural mineral waters.


It follows the Natural Park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões, one of the most visited areas in the Northeast. In this area, we will see, watermills, a magnificent waterfall and the Park.


We visited the Northeast Village, admiring the Bridge of seven arches and the peaceful center., the Vista dos Barcos Lookout, from where we have a vision to  Ponta do Arnel and its lighthouse, the oldest in San Miguel.


Time to stop at one of the emblematic Viewpoints of the Northeast, The Ponta do Sossego. An authentic garden by the sea, or in this case, on top of the cliff by the sea where we observe the vastness of the Atlantic ocean. This  is our last stop before returning to the hotel.


Time to go back to your hotel, hoping that it was another amazing day in your visit to São Miguel island. 


• Departures and arrivals: 09:00 - 17:00, approx. 8 hrs.
• Pick up at the door of the Hotel / Residences where staying.
• Time and flexible route to customer interest.
• Recommend: photographic machines and good humor.
• Towel and bathing suit.
• Payment at the end of the Tour.
• Price of the Tour indicated: € 60 per person lunch not  included.
• Option lunch + 15€ person
• Natural Park Terra Nostra optional, + 12 € per person or Poça Dona     Beija + 6€.
• Children up to 3 years free, from 4-10 years 50% discount.

What kind of tour you provide or what should i expect?

We´re pioneers at new experiences and different tours. In  Azores Dream Tours. we work harder every tour to be different and provide the best experience. All Tours itinerary, are only suggestive and can be changed during the tour, providing to our clients the best experience according to their expectations. We do not provide regular Tours with programmed time every sight or force the client stopping at "advised" points. In our tours, you´re the boss and we are here to share this small paradise with you, making sure that every day is different and a new experience. 

Is tipping included?

Although not compulsory, tipping is expected and is an expression of your satisfaction whit the people who have assisted you throughout your tour.

 Tipping can be expressed in many ways, a tip, a nice smile, a thank you or just sharing your experience trough a review or social network, and it is of considerable significance to us knowing that our job is appreciated.

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